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We just love ice cream!

At Cryo Rolls we provide a visually pleasing show of turning liquid mix into a cup of freshly rolled ice cream right before your eyes. Though the experience is unique and entertaining, our product stands alone without the show as well. Ice cream is classified as standard, premium or super premium based on air content and butterfat content. Our product falls in the super premium category due to its low air and high cream content resulting in a velvety rich product.

Cryo Rolls is a rolled ice cream business based out of Bellingham Washington. We started as a mobile ice cream company and have recently expanded into our new shop front which is located in the iconic Granary Building. We offer a variety of flavors that rotate weekly. Come say hi and check out our shop. If you are interested you can even learn to roll ice cream yourself! 


Monday - Thursday: 12pm-10pm

Friday - Saturday 12pm-11pm

Sunday: 12pm-10pm


The Granary Building

1207 Granary Avenue Suite #150

Bellingham, Washington 98225

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